About Hark Press

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Founded by author and entrepreneur, A.K. Neer (she/they), Hark Press aims to publish children's books and material that encourage young readers to listen to their inner truths. ​

Through Hark Press, A.K. hopes to create and produce books and content that include diverse characters with stories that encourage and empower young readers to know, accept, and be their authentic selves; as well as accept and honor the differences—and similarities—in others. Inspired by her own children, she hopes her books will bring awareness of emotional intelligence, social-emotional learning, diversity of all kinds, and show representation of all.

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What's New at
Hark Press?

Author Visits!

Author visits are a great opportunity to have young readers connect with the writer of their favorite books. Author visits can create a lasting impression on students. They build relationships between kids and the written word, inspire them to pursue creative endeavors, and connect lessons learned in the classroom with the wider world. Bringing in authors to meet students humanizes them, it tells the students that they can aspire to be creative and successful and put something great into the world.

When's the Next Book Coming?

The process has started with the next book,
I Wish I Were a Dragon, as I finish up the manuscript and Natasza starts character idea sketches. This book will feature a trans child and at least one non-binary adult caregiver. The story will be similar to I Wish I Were a Unicorn, with different character traits and values that are more focused on our inner power and intuition. We'll be doing another Kickstarter to fund the production, and we're hoping to be able to do that this Fall or Winter.  

Like many authors, I'm simultaneously working on multiple manuscripts at the same time, and I look forward to sharing more as they develop further. 

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