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Author Visits!

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Interested in an Author Visit?

An author visit is an incredible opportunity to connect young readers with the writer behind the book. Whether in person or virtual, I'd love to share my experience as an author with your students, where I hope to inspire, educate and entertain a wide range of future writers and artists.

The Positive Impact of Author Visits for Students

Bringing in authors to meet students humanizes them, it tells the students that they can aspire to be creative and successful and put something great into the world. Author visits help foster a life-long love for reading. They bring books to life on a whole new level, and they help students develop a greater appreciation for literature and the written word.

• An author visit gets kids reading, writing, and understanding the creative process.


• Meeting authors makes the reading, writing process, the literature, and the authors                        themselves real and accessible to the students.

• Knowing the inside story of a book’s creation helps students learn to recognize choices

   made by the author.

• Author visits help students develop the ability to make predictions, inferences, and


• Author visits inspire kids to do more of their own writing.

• Kids discover that authors take risks, persevere, and try again.


• The positive effects of an author visit last beyond the day of the visit.

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My Middle

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Have Your Own Unicorn Day

While there's an official International Unicorn Day on April 9th each year, your school or organization can make your own Unicorn Day any day of the year. 




something that

is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain; a rare find 

All kids are unique, rare, and magical! 
Have a "Unicorn Day" at your school. Using the themes within the book, we will empower them to embrace their uniqueness and recognize their inner magic.


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Author Visits with Zen

Book Reading

Author Q&A

Coupon Code for Book Orders

Activity Sheets

30min or 1hr visits

(Encourage kids and staff to wear unicorn shirts or horns on the day of the visit)

Inquire below for prices and contracts.


You can contact me through this website, or 

send me an email at: or
through social media:

Want to book me for a school visit? I can do in person visits at schools in the metro ATL/OTP area, as well as virtual visits anywhere! 

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