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Why a Blog? 

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I guess the answer is in the name. Balanced parents empower kids. 

I know what it's like to stop one day, in the middle what what you're doing, and take in your surroundings at the height of house activity. For me, that looks like one 13-year-old, talking excitedly a hundred miles a minute (yet always says something wise beyond their years, or surprisingly profound); one neurodiverse 5-year-old either begging for imaginary play with her My Little Pony collection, or having a complete meltdown; one 16mo old who is always smiling ear-to-ear, but excitedly screams and squeals at high enough decibels to shatter glass; and one 80lb adolescent dog that fits in perfectly with all the kids. Somewhere in the background of this picture is my partner, either preparing food for dinner; outside picking up dog poop; or listening to the teen, pretending to be Twilight Sparkle, or chasing after the almost-toddler. 
And in the middle of it all, there I am.
There YOU are. 
Or are you there? 
The you that you knew before the kids, where you were your first priority and greatest responsibility. The you that actively pursued your dreams and goals. 
This blog will hopefully help you find that balance between being a parent/caretaker, and just being YOU. 


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