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(Well, the one book for now, but more are coming!) 

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I Wish I Were a Unicorn

"I Wish I Were a Unicorn" is a charming, gender-neutral children's book perfect for unicorn lovers of all ages. With its delightful rhyme and captivating illustrations, kids will embark on a magical journey, discovering the enchanting power that lies within each of us. Let your child's imagination soar with this engaging and inclusive tale!

Perfect for readers who enjoyed books like Julian is a Mermaid; Pink is for Boys, and How to Catch a Unicorn! 


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Diversity • Inclusion • Positive Affirmations

Step into the enchanting world of "I Wish I Were a Unicorn," a heartwarming tale with hidden depths. Follow a child's journey to discover their inner magic and embrace their authentic self.


This delightful story champions self-discovery, empowerment, and positive affirmations. Through captivating illustrations, it breaks gender stereotypes, celebrates cultural and ability diversity, and showcases gender pride flags.


"I Wish I Were a Unicorn" is a must-read, where imagination and inclusivity reign supreme. Uncover the beauty of being true to oneself in this charming and empowering children's book.

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At first glance, I Wish I Were a Unicorn is a simple and sweet story about a child who wishes to be a unicorn, only to discover the magic that resides within. But it's so much more!

This book contains themes of self-discovery and empowerment, promotes positive affirmations, and neutralizes gender stereotypes through illustration. 

A Few ★★★★★ Reviews from Amazon

"My kiddos loved this book. We are huge on self love, inclusion, and accepting people. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! A very much needed addition to our unicorn collection."


Joy Haines

Such a beautifully perfect gift for my young non-binary child... ( Finally a book representing gender diverse kiddos that’s NOT ABOUT gender. Couldn’t love it more.


Beautiful story and remarkable illustrations. My 10 year old loved it. It’s a perfect night time story to end the day in a charming way. Uplifting and warm. Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn?!

T. Kelly

I really loved the story and the message of this book, told in a sweet and lighthearted way. And the illustrations are gorgeous! They really give the whole book a magical feel. Highly recommend!

C. Shell

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About the Illustrator

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About the Author

Author Visits!

Author visits are a great opportunity to have young readers connect with the writer of their favorite books. Author visits can create a lasting impression on students. They build relationships between kids and the written word, inspire them to pursue creative endeavors and connect lessons learned in the classroom with the wider world. Bringing in authors to meet students humanizes them, it tells the students that they can aspire to be creative and successful and put something great into the world.

When's the Next Book Coming?

I Wish I Were a-2.png
The process has started with the next book, I Wish I Were a Dragon. The manuscript has undergone its first rounds of editing, and Natasza has started character idea sketches. This book will feature a Black trans girl, and a non-binary adult. The story will be similar to I Wish I Were a Unicorn, with different character traits and values that are more focused on our inner power and intuition. We'll be doing another Kickstarter to fund the production, and we're hoping to be able to do that this Fall or Winter.

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