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Our Latest Book...

Our newest literary endeavor is a children’s book titled “I Wish I Were a Dragon”. Join the adventure as a young girl's aspirations take flight, leading her on a quest to harness her own power. Guided by her cherished "favorite grownup", she unveils her innate strengths and learns that being "powerful" is already within her grasp. This beautifully illustrated tale subtly reflects her unique identity as a trans girl of color, adding depth to her inspiring journey. "I Wish I Were a Dragon" sparks imagination and imparts a universal message of limitless potential, reminding every child that they possess the remarkable essence of a dragon within.


As with the last book, I Wish I Were a Unicorn, we'll be relying on a successful Kickstarter campaign to fully realize this project. The manuscript has been written and edited, analyzed by a beta group, and Natasza is hard at work developing characters. We are very excited about this project!

Be sure to stay connected with us on social media so you don't miss any updates about our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign! 

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