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We're Blogging.

I know we're in the age of tik-toks, reels, shorts, and other video media (I make those occasionally too), but I'm a writer and always have been. I have thoughts and experiences to share that I'm sure will help others, and so this is my way of contributing to the world. This blog is primarily for caregivers, but with the intention of passing advice and lessons on to your young dependents.

But first, introductions.

Hi, I'm Zen (aka A.K. Neer). You've probably found your way here while looking to find out more about my debut children's book I Wish I Were a Unicorn, or you've enjoyed the content I've shared on social media. I'm a writer, parent, and advocate for authenticity in childhood, and social-emotional learning. I especially advocate for and educate about LGBTQ+ topics as they pertain to children and teens, and emotional intelligence within those same age groups. I'll share more personal tidbits through this blog.

OK, that's it for now. This was just a tester post and intro.


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